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So in case you didn't hear my podcast, I open sourced this blog on GitHub. I have taken my own advice to heart, and did not (or at least, tried not) to name my classes SomethingManager, and I hash my passwords without using MD5 or SHA-whatever. I had a few small libraries that I eventually merged into one (libWebsiteTools), and one other which I'm still sorta working on (libOdyssey) which is a sort of web analytics thing.

Inside there is also the source to Spruce, that random sentence generator you see on the side. It also has a GUI editor program written using Python and QT4. Unfortunately, it is not Python 3 compatible, due to stupid Jython.

So enjoy, as I continue to work on it. If the internet really wants to grief me, this will be as popular as Wordpress.

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I do have to leave one minor Troll.

It's WordPress, not Wordpress.

My favorite method is "killInHoney".

Ryan Rampersad complained on .

Yes, I tried to be as descriptive and clever as I possibly could, because accurately communicating what is going on is essential to maintainability. The whole blog itself is at a sort-of-version-4, and has gone through a few architectural overhauls since originally going online.

the Andrew Bailey complained on .

You can't complain about this anymore. It's perfect!