In a cave not far from here, a man sits and pounds away at some buzzword infused invention. It's not like anyone will care, for he is the last human left alive. He just doesn't know it yet. Tired of the silence, he turns on some music, and considers a time when things were very different.

Once upon a time, this place was like a rainforest, but then the earthquakes came and felled all the trees. Caves opened in terrain that did not have them. Within days, the debris was cleared by unknown processes. Then winter set in.

After the fourth track, he realizes that none of this will do, for he is hungry. He rises, his bones cracking like some machine being turned on after years of neglect. After making his way to the cave entrance, he takes the last three strips of jerky from the snow. He skewers them, and places them over the hot coals of a dying fire.

As they cook, he thinks back on his favorite episode. The last one before all this happened.

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