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So Many Monitors

As you might recall, I bought two more monitors some time back. I mentioned that I brought my two old ones to work. But now that I'm in between jobs, I've decided to completely connect all four up, and take a family picture. I'm not sure how I'll use them, but, hey, at least they are there and working. Sometimes you just need to do something crazy. This is one of those times.

Welcome to my headquarters.

My desk with four monitors

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Hey, I recognize that website!

Is that your tower on top of the milk crate? Because it has a handle and I am confused.

Ian Buck complained on .

It's funny to see that website on any screen but my own. So the thing with the handle on the milk crate is the computer? Or is that something else?

I like how your monitors are all essentially level with each other. I'll post a family shot of mine and you will enjoy their inconsistency.


Does having four monitors noticeably stress your graphics card? My 670 is fine, but on any animation on screen, I can hear just barely noticeable coil whine.

Ryan Rampersad complained on .

@Ian: Yes, that is my "tower", although it's shaped more like a bread box than anything else. It's a microATX case I got back in '08 and is good for LAN parties.

@Ryan: Yes, for reasons I just mentioned.

The monitors really didn't do much, but then again, I only really had them connected just to take the photo. I quickly realized that they quickly exceeded my field of view. My current card is mostly silent; the GTX 280 I had some time ago whined like hell at ultra high (1000+) fps.

the Andrew Bailey complained on .

I hear the 680 doesn't suck and is actually silent. While I complain about this noise, it's relatively silent when something like Matt's computer is here in studio -- he has some radeon 5000 series unshrouded card. It screams. So loud. Huge.

Ryan Rampersad complained on .

You can't complain about this anymore. It's perfect!