Death Rally (2012)

At the beginning of this month (3rd or so), I saw the new Death Rally on Steam. For less than $10. Picked it up right away.

Continuing in the proud tradition of late to name games exactly as their predecessor, this is a re-imagining of the original, and keeps much of the same spirit. There are a few new additions here and there, but it's pretty much the same game with more bling.

Death Rally (from 2012) screenshot

The design (and selection) of the vehicles has changed greatly, but the value is more or less the same (vagabond is a buggy, sentinel is a van, deliverator is really good). There are many, many more kinds of weapons (which you can only have on of at a time), from a shotgun and gatling gun, to a sniper rifle and lock on missles. There are still mines (yes!), and even old tracks make appearances.

Perhaps the most jarring aspect is the races all start with 6 cars instead of 4, and there are 3 laps for most all the race types (42 in marathons). Turbo boost lasts continuously for a few seconds at a time (you cannot use it small pieces). It does not regenerate, and uses an entire container each time (lucky if you can get one to drop in a race). You are given 3 mines instead of 8, but you have them for every race instead of re-buying them every time in the shop; same with spiked bumpers.

New cars, weapons, and tracks are unlocked by picking up pieces dropped on the track. Money is used to upgrade your car and weapon. The rest goes toward increasing your fame level.

There are also different types of races, standard (3 laps), one lap, marathon (42 laps), head to head, and death match (which really isn't a 'race'). There can also be novelties on your standard race, like everyone having the same kind of car, the same kind of weapon, prelaid mines, permanent nitro boost, or extra money drops. Occasionally a challenge or offer will come up when you choose a race.

Each race has a boss. Beat (or destroy) him for extra money. There is a weak story going on in the background that I really didn't care for much. It involved some dude getting arrested for racing, then being assigned to go after The Adversary.

If you liked the original, it's safe to say that you will like this little tidbit, too.

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