Crysis and Crysis: Warhead

Its a question that's been bugging PC gamers since a long time ago, and needs to be put to rest:

"Can it play Crysis?"

Why on Earth would you want to play such an old game on it when it runs Farmville perfectly fine?

As part of my on going playthough of older games, I've installed these two from the archives. They are a breath of fresh air from many recent games. Even five years later, they look quite stunning, and have fresh gameplay. The suit you're wearing affords several cool abilities: strength, speed, armor, and cloak.

Sneaking up to someone and punching their lights out does not get old. See a patrol heading your way? Cloak, dive behind a rock, and chill out for a minute. When they have passed you, attach a silencer, take one out, and duck back behind your rock. Rinse, and repeat until patrol is taken out. Oh, they see you? Switch to armor, loose the silencer, and go in guns blazing!

There's all sorts of weapons. The Navy SCAR is the best assault rifle, but you will switch to the inferior FY71 quickly, due to its plentiful ammo supply. Three words: single shot fire. I played through both with single shot firing and my accuracy went way up and was able to finish enemies faster and kill at longer range (100+ meters!). The rocket launchers are useful, but you must only use them when you must; use if there's no other way!

The island you play on is filled with North Koreans. I guess they are the new Nazis. The island is described as being somewhere between Korea and Indonesia. Didn't someone notice that the Philippines and Taiwan is between them? And why are the North Koreans there, and not the Japanese and Chinese? Maybe they were immune to the recession of late.

Crysis Warhead screenshot (frozen beach and ocean)

So you're going around trying to figure that out, when the whole island flash freezes. I really enjoyed that frozen tropical environment. Palm trees should not shatter, but that's sweet! The ocean even freezes so fast, that breaking waves create ice overhangs.

It gets ridiculous in Warhead where everyone is running around in nanosuits; I didn't think they could afford anywhere near that many. Granted, that's how any human can survive those low temperatures, but having 30+? That's stretching reality a bit.

I unfortunately have not played that much multiplayer, due to hardware limitations on my friend's behalf. He had the GPU powers, but only a single core CPU. Oh well, these were great games.

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