Operation Bearlove

Yesterday, I came around to The Oatmeal to see if there's anything new. When the site eventually loaded, there was, but not the usual funny comic. I have never seen Oatmeal be so slow before. I had apparently come by two hours into "Operation Bearlove Good Cancer Bad".

A year or so back, Matthew Inman (AKA The Oatmeal) got righteously angry at FunnyJunk (a website with, well... funny junk) for containing unattributable Oatmeal comics. Words were said, and everyone parted ways.

Until last week when a lawyer on FunnyJunk's behalf sends a letter, blah blah blah, I'm not going to repeat all that here, demanding $20,000.

So Mr. Inman announces a fund drive for $20,000, which he will instead donate all that to charity. To smear it in their faces, will send a photo of that money to them, and to insult them, draw the someone's mom seducing a bear.

Whoa, woah, woah. Full stop.

Raising money for charity is something that I can get behind. To raise money for charity to make someone feel bad, I think is all the better. Using swear words to disprove a ridiculous legal threat... okay!

Moms seducing bears makes it a personal attack (which this letter did not go there). It makes your whole campaign ad hominem. Really? I don't think that makes you look better. You've made your point about make comics, not extortions, but you are sinking to their level.

Matthew Inman, you are a dick. I thought that you might be better than this; sorry for misjudging you. I will not support your crusade. I'm not sure what I should do with my copy of your book.

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I have two cents? How did I get two cents? Really? Is there $19,999.98 coming in to me?
Anywho, it occurs to me that I ought to tell you what I believe.
The whole "Mom/Bear" action is personal because it all started personal. Comics don't just belong to the creator, they become a part of that artist's heart. To try and separate the two is... tricky. Anywho, I am now curious, what are you going to do with that book?

Posted by Chris.

No, Chris, you already have $20,000. Look behind you.

For now, I'm content with neglecting the book in the toxic sunlight and letting it be dust mite food.

Posted by Andrew.

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