Server Online

Whew! That was quite a thing there!

Oh, hello. I didn't see you there...

Once upon a time, my server took a crap a few weeks ago. All of a sudden, I was getting I/O errors on my main drive in my server. Bad stuff.

I immediately ordered 2 drives (refurbished, since hard drive prices are highway robbery high nowadays). I had a laptop hard drive handy, so I threw that in as a stop gap measure, except Linux would not install properly to it. Or any drive I tried. Hmm...

I put the original drive that the server was panicking about in an external dock, and successfully installed Linux to it via a laptop. I also did a memory test on the server, all clean. I took the dock to the server, and tried installing Linux via the server, and that went well.

So the diagnosis was not bad hard drives, but a bad disk controller on the motherboard. So I rebuilt my server, and got it more or less running about two weeks ago. I've only now got Glassfish back up and running (as you are reading this).

It also turns out that the little backup thing I built does not work properly, and vomits on the JPEGs. Praise the Lord for other backups. Oh goodie.

But this calls for MORE SKYRIM!

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