Fallout 3

As part of Operation: Replay Games I Already Have, I have been going through Fallout 3 for the past 2 weeks.

Walking around DC, owning the town

The Fallout universe is based on 1950s nuclear hysteria, except that that the 50s lasted for over a century and mutually assured destruction actually happened. This installment takes place in and around Washington, DC.

It's refreshing to play a game where the character can take over a dozen bullets and not die, unlike the chest high wall parade of late. Taking cover should be a small thing, not what the entire combat system is based around.

I have been trying to play these games differently that what I did before (as part of the Operation), like what I did with The Witcher and Mass Effect. I did not have a moral imperative, been different places, do different quests, and do other quests differently.

I let the ghouls into Tenpenny tower (the evil way), raided the comic company, and the Tacoma industrial park. Things I never found (or did).

So the Library of Congress (the real one) is going through a lot of old out-of-print music that's lapsed into the public domain. Someone made a mod that adds 100 new songs to the Galaxy News Radio, compared to the 20 or so that comes with the game. It seems like all everyone ever listened to in the 50s was the Inkspots.

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