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The Wolf Among Us

Like the Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us is a series based on comic books. (I'm not familiar with either comics.) The setup is simple: all the fairytale characters were forced to leave whatever kingdoms they lived in, and are holed up in New York City scraping by. You play as Sheriff Bigby Wolf. (Bigby Wolf -> Big B. Wolf -> Big Bad Wolf) Because I've portrayed this guy in school plays, I'm immediately on his side.

Screenshot of Wolf wearing a bloody shirt, transforming

Plenty of fairytale characters appear: the Big Bad Wolf, Snow White, Beauty, Beast, Ichabod Crane, the Magic Mirror, Bluebeard, and Tiny Tim. There were also a few that I didn't recognize from traditional tales, but since I don't watch TV, that's hardly surprising. Characters criticize Wolf for smoking the cheapest cigarettes, Huff & Puff, which I thought was clever. I didn't notice any Easter eggs to other Telltale series, like finding Banang from Sam & Max in The Walking Dead.

Gameplay is the usual talky and choosey fare, with the occasional button mash and quicktime event. Info texts will inform you that some character will remember that. If you've played any recent Telltale Game, you know the drill. Although at one point, a prompt informed me that a character won't remember this!

The story has a very film noir vibe. Your first call is a domestic dispute, but things get gruesome when that woman's head is left on your doorstep the next morning. Because this game's point is that it's story driven, I'm not going into much more detail, aside from that I loved the setting. Unlike the depressing setting of the last series (and what I swear are shorter episodes), I enjoyed this so much that it took me only 2 days to get through it.

I loved this series so much, that it is by far my favorite Telltale series. There is another season coming, and for the second time, I'm looking forward to playing a Telltale release. (I might not have mentioned, but Telltale's stuff got bought when it closed, and someone else is bringing it back.)

P.S. This game concludes this year's Halloween series. I already have ideas for next year.

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