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Brütal Legend

I continue my journey through Tim Schafer's games. I finished this a month or two ago, and I've been too lazy to write a blog post about it until now. So if you'll excuse me, I'll be real quick about this.

A screenshot of Brütal Legend, in an RTS battle.

Brütal Legend is a difficult game to describe. First off, it's themed around Metal, as in, the music genre. You play as Eddie Riggs, a roady working backstage at a concert. During an accident, Eddie is teleported away to another world. Since this place is based on Metal, Eddie feels like he's in heaven.

Brütal Legend is kinda like an action adventure game, but also has some weird RTS battles. Most of the time, it kind of feels like an open-world RPG since you're getting and completing missions all around the world, but there's no skills or attributes. The RTS parts are more reminiscent of Darwinia than a full-fat RTS. Your objective is to have a concert, gather fan support (through merch booths), and destroy the opponent's stage (they're also having a concert). The camera is still third person like the rest of the game, and you command troops indirectly. You're able to fly around the battlefield to enhance your view of the battle.

The world is themed after metal album cover art. You fight skirmishes with foot soldiers, race a jerk, and steal speakers from The Wailing Wall. Yes, there's a seaside cliff that's made of speakers, called The Wailing Wall.

A screenshot of Brütal Legend, with Ozzy and Eddie.

You drive around the world a lot, helping "the resistance", a group of rebels who seek to free their land from demons. The story has some pretty cool characters, some are voiced by famous people. Eddie is Jack Black (also appearing in the diegetic intro/menu video), and Ozzy Osbourne is the underground merchant. I didn't analyze them closely, but the characters seem cool and well written enough. Humor is applied in appropriate situations, and I can see the continuation from this into Broken Age.

I'm not sure if Eddie will ever get to go home. Come to think of it, I don't think he wants to. Schafer says that a sequel will "eventually happen", but then said that he needed a lot of money to do it. But since he said so, I'm pretty sure that getting money isn't a problem anymore.

I don't listen to Metal music, but I don't dislike it either, yet I enjoyed Brütal Legend. If anything, it made me watch clips from that Ozzy reality show from about 20 years ago.

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