Don't Preorder Games

Hi! You probably just read a message telling you to not preorder games. The following is an incomplete list of games that were terrible on release, and many who preordered them regretted it. You might have been one of them. Thanks to patch culture, some of these might be OK now, but that is not to be counted on, because you already gave the man your money, so why should he care? To him, you're just another sale in the quarter. So in the interest of learning from the past, let me remind you in chronological order:

As of posting this (July 2019), Cyberpunk 2077 started preordering about 2 weeks ago. Although I'm confident that CD Projekt Red will release a stunning breathtaking game, I will not be preordering. After eagerly reading several reviews, I look forward to entering my credit card info into GOG on April 16th, 2020.

Did I forget anything? Need to grind your gears? Let me know, and I might add them to the list.