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Sam and Max: Season 2

Sam and Max: Season 2 continues the antics found in Season 1. Max continues his presidential administration, but a robot sent from Santa has started tearing up the place. Not that it mattered, but the whole place could have needed some cleaning up when Max got elected. Sybil's place has been thrown to the next block, and a pile of rubble sits next to the office.

Screenshot of Sam and Max talking to an Easter Island Moai head statue.

I'm not going to go into much detail about what happened. There's plenty of humor here. Stinky's Diner is finally open, but Sam and Max constantly wonder where "the real Stinky" is. This "grand-daughter" of his is hardly a suitable replacement. Our friends, the C.O.P.S., return, and they usually offer some sort of car upgrade. Bosco continues to be paranoid about THEM, and eventually gets abducted. I'm not sure how connected that is to his mom's ghost hanging around upstairs. In the end, you discover that Sam and Max have a room dedicated to them in Hell.

Screenshot of Sam and Max's room in Hell.

The graphical quality is subpar. This came out in 2008, when everyone was asking about Crysis. Granted, Telltale isn't Crytek, but even by then, this looked dated. The sound is even worse. The dialog sounds like they forgot to turn up their MP3 encoder's bitrate, then streamed it over dialup.

The puzzles are the usual LucasArts style affair. They are almost always straightforward, but sometimes, there is an element of timing involved. There's no King's Quest style weirdness going on. Some of the episodes involve generous amounts of time travel, which are good to find out character's backstories.

Screenshot of the Mariachis.

There is a backstory that's supposed to tie everything together, but in some episodes, I think it lost the plot. Whenever someone has a birthday, a mariachi band appears for a few seconds. There's an entire episode that is all about the Mariachis, but I'm not sure how it ties into the season's plot. There's another episode that's all about zombies. Considering that zombies were the hot thing back when this season was made, I think they did it just to ride the wave. Again, not sure how it adds anything to the long term story.

Overall, this is more of the same. At one point, Sam and Max leave future Sam and future Max in the past. When they meet again, they're kind of mad that they had to redo the past few cases again. Considering that I've played through this season twice, I only sympathize a little bit. It's worth at least once through.

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