Star Wars: Battlefront II

Star Wars: Battlefront II came out recently. I thought something weird was going on, and tried to remember the last time I stepped into a time warp, but couldn't. For some reason, people were very angry at how this game has pay to win microtransactions. That's strange, because I don't remember those, nor did I remember it looking that pretty. Then I realized that it's another one of those rebooted "let's release new games with the same name as old" games. Unoriginal lowlifes! So let's review an old game with the same name as a new one!

Screenshot of a battle on Kashik

Remember that friend I mentioned in my last Star Wars review? When I started going over to his place for LAN parties, this was the original staple shooter. It was fun enough, but I didn't think it had enough tactical and strategic parts to it. If it does, it felt (and still feels) foreign and unknowable. By and large, it was mostly waves of hundreds of cannon fodder pawns on both sides.

The monotony is broken up a bit by the option of soldier classes: infantry, sniper, heavy, and engineer. A hundred or so AI bots populate the two teams. Mowing them down gets old fast. There are some pilotable vehicles, but I always ignored them, because I could never count on them being around in any given map. I never felt that it was worth getting good at something that might not be around. Despite it's science fiction veneer, Star Wars vehicles are slow. If the game deems you worthy, you have the opportunity to play as a hero, but in my experience, they don't seem to last long, despite the damage they deal and take. I would rather keep my godhood, thanks.

Screenshot of a battle in a library

The environments strike me as bland. Even discounting the flat graphics, the level design features big open spaces, and narrow corridors. I'm not a fan of chest high walls, but always having cover nearby is useful. Outgoing fire is easily blocked by horrible collision detection on debris and cover, even if there is a clear line of sight to your intended target. I wasted countless rockets on the tops of stairs due to this!

Not long after, everyone had got FarCry. The environments were comfortable, unpopulated, and pretty, with lots of cover. Weapons felt powerful, and collision detection worked properly. I relished how much better FarCry felt, and didn't miss Battlefront 2 at all.