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Engineers and Salesmen

Traditionally, software developers and sales people have not gotten along. Salesmen will sell anything to close the deal, only to go to the developers and say that they need to do something that requires bending of spacetime. Like track what has been installed on a computer before the tracking software was installed. That's not going to work.

Which reminds me that I'm working with the sales department at work, but I fret not: it's not my work that is being sold. It's going to track when the salesmen bugged someone when they were trying to sell something.

I recently contacted a friend, which I found out that he is now a somewhat successful jewelry salesman. I thought about this for a little bit.

I'm an engineer. I couldn't sell anything to anyone even if my life depended on it.

"Ma'am, can I interest you in some toilet plungers?"

Yeah, that's not gonna end too well.

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