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State of the Andrew Bailey, September 2016

Hello there again.

Last month, I reformatted this server, and installed the new Xubuntu LTS. Accordingly, I also created a new VM as a sandbox. More importantly, I encrypted the server's drives. It just seems to be a safe thing to do, and it is in style. My work laptop is encrypted, so is my phone, and I'll probably be redoing it on my own laptop soon. I'll also be doing it to my desktop, once I decide how pretty Star Citizen should be, and upgrade it.

Screenshot of Xubuntu 16.04 LTS

I've been toying around with a VPN, but it's been so slow or unworkable that accessing SMB shares over it isn't going to happen. I hope that when Microsoft integrates OpenSSH into Windows 10 that it includes the ability to map SFTP locations to drive letters.

I was able to get my web server back up about a week ago. I had trouble setting up a database connection in Glassfish, so I started looking for a solution. Since Oracle is evil and won't do open source anymore, another company, Payara, stole forked Glassfish, and is offering fixes and commercial support. So I stole downloaded the open source software and started running it.

I must say, I have the world's lowest best readership, because even though my blog was offline for a month, no one asked about it.

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You can't complain about this anymore. It's perfect!