Little Inferno

One of the guys behind World Of Goo helped make Little Inferno. He was both the artist and music writer, and it shows well. So here's a game that won't warm you up for the winter.

Screenshot from Little Inferno, showing some fire

Little Inferno is mostly a ecommerce/waiting/fire simulator, and later on, a point and click adventure. You burn things in your new Little Inferno High Definition Simulator. This game is set in a world where global cooling is an undeniable fact. It snows literally all the time, and "has been for years". Burning things gives you money (odd) which allows you to buy more things to burn. The challenge is completing combos with only names and how many items you need. Once you have a certain number of combos (and sometimes money), and you've ordered everything in the current catalog, you can get the next catalog. You are restricted in how many things you can order at one time, and the game chides you when you try to order more without burning some first.

There are a limited number of characters in the game. There are about five, and interaction with them is very limited, and mostly forgettable. That said, paying attention to the gifts given (a riddle is given to help you remember) is key to ending the game. Listening to the soundtrack, I thought that the game would end differently than what it did. I inferred that the smoke would start to warm things up. It didn't.

I can't recommend Little Inferno, unless you like solving riddles based on matching multiple things with a handful of vague words. It honestly kind of bored me. It's like one of those kids games where you put 30 cards face down on a table, then have to match pairs without flipping over more than two at once. Except, if you don't get it right, you feel like you've lost more resources than just time. And at that, enjoy the soundtrack anyway.

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