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Blog Improvement, August 2013

So August happened, and I made my blog better, even though last month was quite eventful.

After I updated the fonts, I "discovered" that Internet Explorer only pays attention to data URIs that are less than 32k. I remembered that Zopfli stuff that I did on my PNGs, and I wondered if it could be applied to WOFFs. Well, guess what? It can. That got two of them under 32k, but Questrial remained at 35k. I kept looking around, and discovered that only IE8 has that limit; IE9 and above have a 4 gig limit on data URIs. Yay! I've kept the Zopfli'd WOFFs in my CSS file anyway.

I had mentioned that I am using ScriptEngineManager for Spruce. I don't know for sure, but I don't think it's cleaning up after itself properly, and is preventing me from deploying without restarting the server. I have reverted back to PythonInterpreter for the moment.

I stringently tested what happens when articles are disabled for comments. Turns out that it was rather broken, both on the article page and backup restore. I had to get that up to par. I also noticed that new comments were appearing before the others, so I had to add a sort by clause in my SQL statements for that.

I also have a sitemap xml that has likewise been neglected. I changed it so that it would be more accurate. Older stuff is specified to change less and, consequently, has less priority. Articles with comments disabled are specified to never change.

The other fun thing that I did was add links to categories from articles, except if you are already looking at that category already. I've heard it's bad SEO to have a page link to itself. With that in mind, I removed the link in the header of the article when you are on that article's page.

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