I was messing around with this site most of the day yesterday.

This one bug has been haunting me for some time, where if you come to my site here, the server would not send anything and you'd get a blank page. This could usually be solved by refreshing the page. I considered everything, from favicons to browser bugs. It could not be a browser bug, because it happened on every browser (Firefox, Chrome, Opera, IE), and it probably was not a favicon issue for the same reason. There doesn't appear to be anything wrong in my code, and no error gets logged. I eventually upgraded the web server itself, and the problem appears to have been fixed. I'll keep monitoring the situation.

I have also been experimenting with typography over the past week or two. To increase readability, I've spaced out the lines and letters quite a bit, and I think I've found a happy medium. If you have a standards compliant browser (anything except Internet Explorer except IE 9), make the browser window narrower. See that? At some point the text gets smaller and the "side bar" goes to the bottom. That's essentially the mobile version of my site. Unfortunately (or not), I do not have an actual mobile device on which to test this.

At any rate, please let me know what you think in a comment.

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